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Population Health Resources Overview
An overview of the population health resources available to help manage individuals with movement disorders, particularly TD

2020 APA Schizophrenia Practice Guideline: Managing Antipsychotic-Associated Movement Disorders for Individuals With Mental Illness
2020 APA Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients With Schizophrenia suggests baseline and follow-up assessments for antipsychotic-associated movement disorders, including recommendations for the management of TD

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Additional Resources for Registered Users Include:
Patient Screener: Tardive Dyskinesia Means Having Movements You Can’t Control
A list of questions to help with the assessment of abnormal movements in patients taking antipsychotics for at least a few months.
Audience: Patients
The Importance of Treating Underlying TD in Patients with SMI
Details the impact of TD on health systems and patients with SMI, raising awareness of the need for consistent monitoring and proactive treatment within SMI populations.
Audience: HCPs, Case Managers, Formulary Decision-Makers